Requests for explanation on calculation of areas and request of provisioning of architectural drawings is met with repeated silence for more then a year.

Counsellor Aleph was advised that the builder’s lawyer meets with silence (does not even provide with explanation on why information is withhold) my repeated requests to provide drawings, and formulas for net/gross calculatios. Among other proofs, Councillor Aleph was also given this proof:

From: <ME>
Sent: Thursday, March 3, 2016 10:22 AM
To: <Councilor Aleph>
Subject: <Lawyers> 


In the same letter, the counsellor Aleph of LSUC was asked to provide “explanations to “Violations I request to be explained”:
“ ***
Violations I request to be explained:
<LAWYER NAME REMOVED> Facilitates dishonestly. <LAWYER NAME REMOVED> repeatedly meets with silence my (and my lawyers) emails to provide with drawings and formulas. I do not know why my unit is only 0.55% of what I was sold and I have a right no know. ***”

Furthermore, I gave councillor Aleph of LSUC following references to the code of professional conduct relating to not replying to my unanswered enquires:


Nevertheless, counselor Aleph has closed  (link to the closed complaints will be uploaded) all of my complaints without explaining this alleged violation.

From: <ME>
Sent: Sunday, May 1, 2016 4:14 PM
To: <Counselor Aleph, Manager>
Subject: FW: SOY

So, <Counselor Aleph, and his Manager>, can you kindly remind me why am I not getting the net/gross calculation from the builders lawyers?

Did I mention to you that according to your regulations the lawyers from both sides should be vigilant to red flags which may relate to manipulation of the purchase prices?

Please read the email down below.

So<Counselor Aleph, Manager>you still see no “reasonable suspicion of professional misconduct” ???

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