Tuesday, July 5, 2016

LSUC mandate is to regulate Ontario's legal profession in the public interest. Instead, it appears that it is doing the opposite.

One of the largest builders in GTA is behind an alleged wrong doing.

The builder has constructed a Complex and retained a stake in the project, following completion. The builder controls the board of directors of the Complex. (exercises complete control over the management of the complex which is partially owned by hundreds of other purchasers not related to him)

Many questions related to non-arms’ length arrangements as well as other violations which appear to financially benefit the builder, are facilitated by the group of lawyers go unanswered.

Hundreds of Canadians who bought units in the project are financially devastated.

They massively refinance their homes to support the failing project, many may loose their property.

Meanwhile, The Law Society of Upper Canada (LSUC) repeatedly closes complaints against lawyers involved with the builder without addressing  the underlying concerns, but simply misinterpreting omitting and closing those concerns. The LSUC then sends out letters to these lawyers indicating that no suspicion in misconduct was noted. Those letters (with the stamp of LSUC) would then protect these lawyers against any future litigation.

The builder has been privately investigated for 2.5 years.
The massive reports resulting from this investigation will be published shortly.


From: <ME>
Sent: Friday, June 3, 2016 7:52 AM
To: 'GWedge@lsuc.on.ca'; ‘Entire Upper Management of LSUC’

Subject: RE: Case Nos. 2015-174275, 2015-174179 and 2016-185541. LSUC DAMAGES ME
Importance: High

Dear Mr. Lapper, Dear upper Management Of LSUC.

Mr. Lapper, I request your personal undivided attention to the following facts, and the way LSUC damaged me in #6. Please respond to me. Please review previous documents I provided to you and listed in the email as of May 1, 2016.

1. I have asked LSUC to act immediately in a time sensitive grave public matter. (Sep 2015) <Exhibit was attached>

2. In response, LSUC repeatedly misinterpreted, omitted and closed my complaints. (Sep 2015-to Mar 2016). (Reference #1) <Exhibit was attached>

3. I have asked Mr. Lapper and management for help. I have provided them with proof of misinterpretations and omissions; I have asked them to review the files personally. (reference #2) 

4. In response, you provided no explanation to undue and systematic closing my complaints. You referred me back to the system, for the 5th review by same individual who reviewed my complaint prior being misinterpreted, omitted and closed for the 4th time. (reference #3)<Exhibit was attached>

5.<Removed for privacy reasons>

6. Letters from LSUC advising me on closing of my files for the 4th time were based on misinterpretations and omissions of my concerns. Those letters were also CCed to the subjects <Lawyers alleged in wrong doing>. Hence, the LSUC has produced and distributed dishonest documentation which can be used (by subjects) to facilitate obstruction to administration of justice. Hence, LSUC deprived me of my right to fair (future possible) trial and impartial adjudication.

The lawyers working on behalf of the builder and the builder controlled board have allegedly facilitated overcharging, unjust enrichment, dysfunctional registration of units to attain unjust voting power, violation of declaration which tremendously damaged interests of property of hundreds of people who bought into the project.
The allegations unanswered by the lawyers amount to suspected misconduct ranging from facilitating dishonesty to failure to fulfill their fiduciary duty.


1. Time sensitive complaints were allegedly misinterpreted and closed 3 times by Complaints Services of LSUC in the periods of Sep 2015-Jan2016. (details will be uploaded later)

2. The LSUC Intake Counselor Aleph is notified of prior misinterpretations (by previous Councillors of LSUC) prior to commencement of his review:

He is sent a copy of letter which was previously sent to Complaints Services  following 3rd closing of the cases.

Counselor Aleph's manager is informed of the cases and claims she had an opportunity to review them.

3. Counselor Aleph is provided exact violations of a ring of lawyers, and even applicable chapters from the rule of professional conduct which were allegedly infringed by the ring of lawyers:

A. Requests for explanation calculation of areas and request of provisioning of architectural drawings were met with silence. 

Additional complaints against the ring of lawyers (C-F, will be uploaded later) were also disregarded by the LSUC.

The cases were closed for the 4t h time (by the Counselor Aleph), no explanation was given to most concerns, but with some additional misinterpretation were done by the LSUC.

Counselor Aleph  has also refused to meet with me prior to announcing his decision. I requested a meeting in order to bring large files with additional support of Lawyers wrongdoing.  Those files are large and could not be sent electronically. Those files were not accepted and the cases dismissed.

The response from the Upper Management of the LSUP to the email above and my commentary.



  1. Hmm.. government servicing the construction mafia... this is too much money...

    1. HI - just a few remarks - LSUC is not a government, in addition there is not evidence of accepting any money to close the cases.

  2. some interesting story to consider:

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  4. Oh gosh, there is actually more info on this organization which sheds light on their operation. Too bad they cover up and damage hundreds :


    and here is about their CEO:


    so good luck asking them to help!

  5. Canada is a land of immigrants who come to realize their dreams hoping for better future, just and uncorrupt society. When you come across a case like this, a truly astonishing story which negates all Canadian values and belief in justice and equal opportunities, you would think that you live in Sicily or Russia where corruption is deeply rooted into all levels of government.

    It is beyond comprehension why would LSUC defend those crooked lawyers who are obviously covering the robbing scheme of the builder. The only conclusion would be is that LSUC is also involved into this scheme. What a shame and disregard to our Canadian values and fair approach to any person regardless of his/her financial situation, gender or belief.

    Fighting rich developers is similar to Don Quixote’s fight with wind mills, but I really hope you will eventually get justice in your fight.

    1. Hi and thank you for your comment. This is exactly what it seems to be. I have recorded quite a few broken lives there.

  6. The prime mandate of the Law Society is to protect the public. It is also supposed to do it in a transparent manner. It is unfortunate to see that a member of the public is hitting walls trying to get information. It seems that both public interest and transparency is an issue here. Very disappointing.

    1. Hi, and thank you for your comment. From what it appears, the issue here is far beyond transparency. The LSUC was specifically advised on Builder activity which allegedly causes loss of property. The LSUC then was advised on exact steps on how the Lawyers cover up for the builder. Further more, The LSUC was given the exact codes which the lawyers have breached. And yet, they have closed the complains and provided no explanation. This means that LSUC has no regard for people loosing their property. Further more, I am absolutely sure now that the mis interpretations/omissions of my complaints were intentional. What makes it even worse, the LSUC knew that the lawyers are part of problem and there is a good chance that they will be hold responsible. Hence, the LSUC equipped them with bogus letters, which stated that there is no even a suspicion of misconduct. So now, in case of a law suite or police probe, all they have to do is pull those bogus documents produced by the LSUC, and walk away! Last time I have checked it is called obstruction to administration of justice.

  7. I had a similar experience with them. If you look though the forums, you will find more cases like this. What I find interesting about this case is that it looks like they did try to scam a large number of people here.




    The public is in great danger. It is hard to believe this is happening in Ontario, Canada. Good luck with your fight, but it looks like the corruption is there to stay.

  8. And you can find more and more:


    1. I will not comment on this particular case, however blog posts similar to this one do make me very worried. Again, I can not comment content of this link, however I can draw a clear parallel to my case, which I can account for:





  10. The LSUC is a criminal organization covering up for criminal behavior of their lawyers.
    They do not care how much damage they have done to the public, they do not care how many lives are damaged and destroyed.



  11. ps. do not waste your time. Avoid dealing with them at any cost, and talking to their management or CEO will get you nothing they are the ones who head the corruption scheme.

  12. "This means that Robert Lapper was in the middle of one of the most significant organized crime scenes, in all of Canada, for more 13 long years. If Robert Lapper was not a party to the many crimes carried by the Ministry of the Attorney General and its lawyers then, certainly, he was a key witness to those crimes and did nothing about it."


  13. Speaking about the law society, she said, "I felt that they hung us out to dry. I felt like we were lambs for slaughter."


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  15. Lets see, so just following your tren: Law Society of Upper Canada coverup, and a cover-up to deny the investigation of Crown solicitors:


  16. This case does not suprise me a bit. If we look at any regulatory body, we notice that they tend to cope well with operational issues and benign problems, but when it comes to horrendous problems that demand immidiate attention and that can potentially lead to a loss of confidence in the entire system, they tend to be defenseless until its too late. Case in point global financial crisis that was to some extent caused by gross negligence on the part of regulatory bodies. I believe inaction by Law Society may down the line contribute to a systemic crisis in the Canadian real estate market. I hope to be wrong here.

  17. This case does not suprise me a bit. If we look at any regulatory body, we notice that they tend to cope well with operational issues and benign problems, but when it comes to horrendous problems that demand immidiate attention and that can potentially lead to a loss of confidence in the entire system, they tend to be defenseless until its too late. Case in point global financial crisis that was to some extent caused by gross negligence on the part of regulatory bodies. I believe inaction by Law Society may down the line contribute to a systemic crisis in the Canadian real estate market. I hope to be wrong here.

  18. The LSUC has clearly failed to address your concerns. It is stunning that they did not properly investigate the matters that you brought to their attention. LSUC's failure to act raises substantial doubts about their ability to regulate Ontario's legal profession and act in public interest. Please keep up the good fight!!!

  19. From: ME Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 9:08 PM
    To: RLapper@lsuc.on.ca; LOsak@lsuc.on.ca; 'Prd Directors Office'; 'GWedge@lsuc.on.ca'; 'LCameron@lsuc.on.ca'; 'RLapper@lsuc.on.ca'; 'TKnott@lsuc.on.ca'; 'ESpears@lsuc.on.ca'; 'jVarro@lsuc.on.ca'; 'dmiles@lsuc.on.ca'; 'wTysall@lsuc.on.ca'; 'jvarro@lsuc.on.ca'; 'sWeir@lsuc.on.ca'; Prd Directors Office (PrdDirectorsOffice@lsuc.on.ca)
    Subject: Case Nos. 2015-174275, 2015-174179 and 2016-185541 +
    Importance: High

    Dear mr. Lapper.



    Mr. Lapper,

    The complains got closed 6th time. Counselor Aleph(LSUC) put together some composition of irrelevant excerpts, some misinterpretations and evaded direct responses.

    She did not explain me what I repeatedly asked to be explain in the past:

    1.Why am I not getting any replies (from builders Lawyers) to my requests to provide with drawings and calculations of (BUILDING AREAS) purchases of units for more than 1 year.
    2. Why the lawyers (and their client, condo corp) do not even react (or explain to me, provide the formulas) alleged overcharging (content removed). (the lawyers and condo corp is under complete control of the Developer, including their property management company) they simply ignore my repeated request.
    3. Why the lawyers do not even explain me why (exact explanation to unlawful enrichment is given but removed in this text for privacy reasons)
    4. Why am I getting the baseless letters threatening power sale of my property. The only explanation to these letters is the silencing techniques in response to my enquires. (I do not have any other reasons for sending me those letters as for example I did not follow any one to the parking lot)
    5. Counselor Aleph(LSUC) bluntly ignored my statement that others who try to withstand the oppression are getting threatened from the same company of unethical lawyers as well. She did not even bother to invite me in order to review those evidence, although it is in your practice to schedule interviews.
    6. The condo lawyer is trying to answer to me on behalf of the Developer lawyer and vice versa, while breaching their duty to avoid the conflict of interest.
    7. A few other unanswered violations (disregarded by and not replied by lawyers) which cause distress to hundreds of hard working Canadians including my entire family.
    8. Total and complete refusal for the LSUC to meet with me in order to review larger files as proofs of breach of professional conduct.

    Counselor Aleph(LSUC) continued the exact same path the 3 other LSUC ‘complaint erasers’ who misinterpreted, omitted and closed my complaints. Then, similar to Counselor Bet(LSUC), she produced and distributed dishonest letters stating that no suspicion in misconduct was noted. This letters may be used to obstruct administration of justice and cover up for the lawyers, in case LSUC does not have proper answers for my concerns. (and this is what it appears to be.)

    Mr. Lapper, my family did not come to this country through 2 immigrations to experience something like this.

    Mr. Lapper, I have no interest in continuation of dialog with the LSUC pertaining these particular cases as it is appears now that your organization has no healthy branches and is seems to be based entirely on hierarchy of corrupt employees. (at least in complaint services department)

    I will continue vigorously defend interests of my family.

    Best regards, and sorry for taking a bit of your time,

  20. Sent: Friday, September 23, 2016 10:45 AM
    To: 'nca@flsc.ca'; 'info@flsc.ca'; 'blinney@flsc.ca'; 'jmgrant@rogers.com'; 'nationalfamilylawprogram@sympatico.ca'; 'info@canlii.org'
    Subject: lsuc.
    Importance: High

    Dear Federation of Law societies !
    First of all I wanted to thank Fred from the accreditation department for an advice to address you using the email.

    My name is (removed), and I am resident of city of Vaughan.
    I would like to advice you on a critical matter.

    The Law society of Upper Canada is completely corrupt. (at least in complaint services branch)

    Their lawyers of LSUC (organized ring) are covering up for major builders who (allegedly) damage lives of hundreds of hard working Canadians. (The allegation against the builder are very grave and are far beyond scope of this letter, although I can provide you with every intricate detail: I am a forensic expert and I have been investigating the case for a number of years.)

    the LSUC covers up the lawyers. It covers them up in a very shameless and in ‘your face’ fashion.

    LSUC has built a tight network of corrupt employees which misinterpret, and close complaints while transferring the complaints from one corrupt employee to another. (at least as it relates to high profile Law firms firms)

    I can fully update you on the case itself, I can fully update you on the way the LSUC ‘erases’ complaints and provide their lawyers with phony protective papers. (some of the data can be found here:


    I addressed their SEO, the entire upper management, so I can conclude that they are very well informed of all of this.

    Dear Federation, I would really appreciate your stance of the issue.
    Dear Federation, I really count on your mission to be Focused on the public interest, and be Responsive and accountable.

    Thanks and best regards,

  21. Interestingly enough, LSUC has its own ombudsman, mr. Marrow. As i have contacted mr. Marrow with the complaints against corruption in LSUC, i received a reply that they do not deal with cases which were not investigated. But the LSUC would misinterpret, omit and close the cases much earlier in the process, hence the 'ombudsman' would never be eligible to even look at those cases. "

    in stead they replied:

    In your September 26th email you state that you wish to bring to the attention to the Commissioner your allegation that “the Law Society of Upper Canada [the “Law Society”] is completely corrupt.”. I am unsure why you have sent your correspondence to this office as the Commissioner’s role is limited to the following. "

    1. Sent: Thursday, September 29, 2016 4:19 PM
      To: 'Complaints Review'
      Subject: RE: LSUC - Corruption.

      Dear Simon Debané, and dear mr. Morrow,

      you claim yourself as LSUC ombudsman, does not it strike you that hundreds of Canadians are abused by the organized ring of corruption in LSUC?

      Those people are shameless in the type of a cover up they facilitate regardless of severity of allegation?

      Are not you surprised that LSUC is completely corrupt?

      Do not you want to demand a full scale investigation ?

      Is the best you can do “Why you come to us?”

    2. http://www.lsuc.on.ca/complaints-resolution-commissioner/

    3. Sent: Monday, October 3, 2016 3:11 PM
      To: 'Complaints Review'
      Subject: RE: LSUC - Corruption.

      Dear mr. Morrow,

      Since you proclaim yourself As law society “ombudsman” , I would ask you to advise me which body is qualified to deal with corruption and cover-up by the LSUC and LSUC practices to impede administration of justice on any stage of complaint life cycle, including the early stages of complaint life-cycle.

      I specifically advice you LSUC is involved with covers up for alleged fraud, cover up for devaluation of property and cover up for silencing of “whistle blowers”.

      Mr. Morrow you are specifically advised that those are very heavy allegations which impact hundreds of hard working Canadians, and you, as a proclaimed “ombudsman” should take full responsibility, and if you are impotent of taking a direct action, should provide a clear direction for me to move forward.

      Your statement “we are unsure why you have sent your correspondence to this office” is simply not acceptable.

      Furthermore, I specifically advice you that all of the correspondence between you and my office will be made public and referenced on in my effort to protect interests of my family.

      Best Regards, MY NAME.

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