Unsabstantiated cease and desist (threating) letter(s) by the lawyers used as alleged silencing techniques to those who ask questions about alleged violations

I am threatened. Those are silencing techniques. The oppressed board trough <LAWER NAME REMOVED>  falsely accuses and threatens me:


Sent to counsellor Aleph, a sample of false accusations:

Sent to counsellor Aleph:  Prohibitions based on false accusations: 


Sent to counselor Aleph,  the threats based on false accusations.

Counselor Aleph is asked to provide explanation, and he is advised that others also receive threatening letters based on  false pretenses:

Violations I request to be explained:
a.       <NAME OF LAWYER> sends me a threatening letter based on false allegation and threatens power sale of my unit. As per case law I reviewed, a judge ruled that a power sale of unit is an absolute last resort. False allegation is not a strong reason. He should have done his due diligence very well prior to threatening me. My visits to the property management and board member <name removed> were recorded. I did not do anything to cause harm to anyone. I can play those recordings. I have evidence of them < LAWYER > sending baseless threatening letters to other people (who try to stand the oppression) as well.

Additional email to counselor Aleph remains unanswered :

From: <ME>
Sent: Monday, February 8, 2016 9:56 AM
To: <Councilor Aleph>
Subject: RE: Case Nos.: 2015
174179, 174275, 180347

Hi <Councillor Aleph> , so if you could kindly give me a call as per my Fridays email. Also, the Lawyers send baseless threatening letters to the unit owners through oppressed board.

Counsellor Aleph did not respond to this complaint and closed the file.

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