The response from the Upper Management of the LSUP to the email above and my commentary

Reply from Senior Management of LSUC to my letter to them and their CEO and my commentary sent back to them:

From: Me
Sent: Wednesday, June 22, 2016 11:52 AM
To: 'Prd Directors Office'
Cc: 'Robert Lapper'; <MANAGER>
Subject: RE: Case Nos. 2015-174275, 2015-174179 and 2016-185541

Mrs. Cameroon,

Looking at your reply to my allegations of corruption <corruption in LSUC>, it appears that the only thing you were able to extract from the long list of my unanswered concerns and detailed explanation of your omissions and misinterpretation is your understanding that I had ‘no concern with <Councillor Aleph>'.

Have you noticed that I have not expressed any concerns in  <Councillor Aleph> prior for him reviewing anything? (but after my phone conversation when he promised me an ‘impartial review’)

But as soon as he started his ‘work’ - he started to omit misinterpret and close complaints, and also produce and distribute dishonest documentation which may be used to impede administration of justice.



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